Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Why a post about Coca-Cola? When I was in Boise last week...we made a thrift store stop.

I found a 1950's vintage Coca-Cola metal picnic chest at a thrift store. It was in much better condition than this one. I think indoor storage in the high desert climate was the reason for looking very good. I find that these are normally quite rusty here in Western Oregon. I know that these sell for $200 to $300 in antique stores in western Oregon. This fact was confirmed by many gals from other areas of the United States. So... the price was really much lower. The manager told me that he had just put it out a few minutes earlier. I think that it will be a wonderful addition to my vintage trailer. All the gals loved this find! I had my SUV and thus bringing it home was not a problem. Now, I am thinking that it might be stolen from a campsite...maybe I will resell it to one of the other gals in Sisters on the Fly.

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