Thursday, February 13, 2014

French Market Bags

They are not really french...but they are cute market bags. I need bags because the local govt has banned bags at know, ...the ones they put our purchases in. Now, we have to bring along bags. Let me tell you that hubby is really unhappy with that. He would not use these....LOL!

The gal that makes these uses pre-made canvas bags.  She hand stamps the bags with washable ink. Makes transfers to put on them, and then adds ruffles and fabric flowers. These bags are then sold for about $30. 

OK, I know that with some creative ideas...everyone could make these. You don't need a sewing machine. Iron-on adhesive, fabric glue, or some hand-stitching will work. Add your choice of decorations, and personalize to your hearts content. Got it, Yeah!

Or...........your could just buy the paper sacks for 5 cents each. Oh, and it's not working so well for the businesses....they have someone posted at the doors watching and checking everyone, because theft is so easy................

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