Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Art of Redo - A Small Side Table

When the weather allows this winter, I get a few outdoor projects completed. While I am juggling so many things at home...a long list of things...!

OK, I found another fix it up project at the local thrift store, for under $5. It is well made, maybe from the 60's or 70's. This small side table (about 15" x 10") is just right to use outside during the summer...and it is small enough to take camping. I can set up a chair, sun umbrella, and this little table. 

This table was rusty around the top, and the top was very dirty, it was scraped up and yucky. However, the top is removable, and I took it apart. The project was pretty easy. A good cleanup, rust removal, and repainted with black paint...  The top required more work...I used a piece of outdoor fabric over the original top, glued down, and top coated with clear lacquer. I have used this fabric on other items for my trailer. My chair is red, and the umbrella is red with white trim. It works for me.

I can envision a wonderful trip to a high mountain lake, sitting by the shore, and watching the fly fishermen, and kayaks on the lake. Lovely!

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  1. Neat! I love to upcycle items from the thrift.


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