Sunday, February 9, 2014


Well Girls...I have a problem....the clothing dryer is in the shop for repair. I have not done laundry in a week. Hubby is going thru his everyday clothes like it's not gone. He is now wearing some very old things, with rips in the legs. I told him yesterday that he is going to have to get into his camo hunting clothing soon. We really have plenty of clothes... I know we do.
I will send him to the laundry mat if he continues...we don't know when it will be repaired (they had to have parts sent here).  If it were summer, we could use the clothesline outdoors. I have an indoor drying rack, but it will take days to dry jeans on it. I am pretty calm about it, I will make my clean things last.  Maybe he can hang a rope in the shop, then hang his stuff to dry, while it is snowing and freezing outdoors.....LOL! Really....hum....what is he thinking...that his clothes will magically be clean?

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  1. Hang in there, we went without a dryer, and I do hang laundry out in the winter (if it's not a wet snow day). The clothes dry or dry half-way, and then finish drying inside. We burn wood for heat, so my dryer racks inside are near the stove.


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