Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Captivator Gooseberry for the Home Garden

I am introducing Gooseberry plants to my garden. The Blueberry plants have not done well here, for 16 years I have tried so hard, and there are a few empty spots in the row. So....I recently decided to try growing Gooseberry Plants. The new March 2014 issue of Hobby Farms Home shows Currants and Gooseberry plants, and that enticed me to research this idea to see what I think about growing them here.

My research found that there are really good varieties available in the USA. They are very cold hardy. There are nearly thornless varieties, and dessert quality fruit. There are plants that are nice for the home gardener, they don't do well for commercial growers. The fruit is great fresh, but not good for stores. 

Ribes uva-crispa 'Captivator' 

Here is what the research found...The fruits of this species have a delicious flavor, so they are perfect for eating fresh, they are not available at the grocers. Great for home cultivation! Especially when you know that this particular variety has nearly thornless branches. The fruits are purple-red and comes highly recommended. Mildew resistant.

I purchased three 1 gallon plants today, for $8 each. I think that is a reasonable price. I will have to wait for fruit...they will not produce until 2015. Why? The fruit is on 1 year branches...so I will be raising these for size and health this summer. Oh well, blueberry plants are about the same.