Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring in Western Oregon

This is what early spring is doing in western Oregon. The grass is green and growing quickly, The daffodil's are finishing, and the tulips are starting. This is a Stellar Jay, native to the area. We are going to spray the fruit trees as soon as possible, early in the morning...before our bees come out in the warmth of the sun. The wild Turkeys are gobbling and are fun to see. The Hummingbirds are busy at my feeder. The Oregon Sugar Pod peas are ready to plant.


  1. We don't have Stellar jays here , they are gorgeous.
    We have only a few Blue Jays in these parts now as several years ago a virus wiped out quite a few but they are making a come back.
    Can't wait for the hummingbirds to return to the farm , usually by last week of April they arrive.
    Thanks for the share !

  2. I remember the Stellar Jays raiding my grandparents' filbert tree. Here in the Finger Lakes of NY the arrival of the Red Wing Blackbird males and their staking out their territory is a true sign that spring is finally here.After the cold and snowy winter we have had, the sound of birds is spirit lifting.


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