Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Upgrading My Ukulele

I have been thinking about upgrading to a better ukulele for several months. The small independent store where I purchased a ukulele last spring has a great offer. They will give me the full purchase price of the current ukulele for an upgrade to a better ukulele. This small store provides personal service for the purchaser, they have really good ukuleles....but not a large selection. I went to another store that specializes in ukes....I was not impressed. There was a very large selection of beginner ukes, but I already had a hundred dollar uke...and wanted a better instrument. One that sounds wonderful!

The store with the trade-in policy had just the instrument that I wanted! A lovely, soprano, top of the line (but still affordable) Mahalo. It is very pretty, with abalone shell hand pieced around the edges, sound hole, and on the fret board. A nice cedar top, and beautiful mango wood sides and matched back. The sound and playability is wonderful. I love it! I think that this one will be a keeper!!! Yes.....

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