Saturday, April 12, 2014

My Trailer's Oven - The Tragedy!

Coleman Camp Oven

Well, I took Prairie Flower (my vintage trailer) to a repair shop last week. I had several small things to be done on it, and 2 major things. The oven of the vintage trailer stove would not light for, I asked them to check it out and see if it could work. The bad, sad, news is no. What to do? I could just forget about it, and go on my merry way....and I might do that! Or, look into one of these collapsible Coleman Camp Oven's. Or, just use my dutch ovens in the fire coals...and I have done that before. Or, try to locate an old stove with a working oven to replace the current one. I do like this idea best. Hum...I am just going to think about it for awhile.

The good news about the trailer is that everything else is completed. Yes!

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