Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Big Garden Project for 2014

2013 brought the garden project of keeping honey bees, and it is successful for us. We are hoping for more honey this year! 2014 is the year of 2 new raised garden beds. The area that is getting the new beds has had 3 narrow soil beds. I have wanted to change to wood raised beds for quite awhile. We found good lumber, waiting for us, perfect for the project. 12" by 2" by 10' long. The beds will be 15' long by 3.5' wide, and 12" high.

We cut boards outside, near the garden gate. The lumber is heavy...so less moving of the wood project is better.

This photo show that the lumber had to be spliced together to get the 15 foot length. One 10' board and one 5' board. The ends are 3.5 ft.

This is the first raised bed, built over a soil bed. The garden has had compost added every year, and the result is great soil. The soil mound on the left side is one of the soil beds remaining from last summer. That wonderful soil is going into the wood framework. 

Here are the 2 wood raised garden beds put together. There is about 4 feet between them for getting the wheelbarrow in there, and mowing with a lawnmower at times. On the lower right of the photo is a pile of weeds taken out of the area. There is soil between the beds that will be shoveled into the beds.

Yikes, after hours of labor, and shoveling about 20 wheelbarrow loads of soil and very well compost cow manure....the finished raised beds! Looking Good!! I am showing you my small tiller, perfect for this work. It is a Stihl brand, (because that is how I got hubby to get one...he loves Stihl products). It is easy for me to handle, and so much better than the manual way that we had used!!!!!

This is going to be such a big improvement. I like this style of gardening, the soil stays so nice...I add compost each year for the soil improvement and organic fertilizer.  My neighbors complain about the heavy clay soil here, and I just say come over and see my raised beds.

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