Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Up Close and Personal with a Cougar

Last night I had an experience that I will never forget. Yes, just as the title of the post says...Up Close and Personal with a Cougar! I had trouble sleeping, or this event would not have happened. 2 of my cats were not sleeping and were acting strange. One was sitting on the floor looking out the sliding glass door of the bedroom, and other one was on my bed...sitting up, very alert to something outside...when she ran and hid somewhere in the house. Now, there are deer, raccoon's, skunks, feral house cats, and the like outside during the night. I got up and looked outside with no lights on...I did not see or hear anything. Then I turned on the outside lights, still nothing...then I saw it, the cougar. The cougar was just about 10-12 feet from me, staring at me in the eye...and the only thing between us is a flimsy screen door. I say git, Git, GIT and the cougar slowly decided to leave, and took it's time after a good 10 second stare (the cat did not blink), turned and left. I went around the house closing the open windows for safety. Freaky!!! I never thought that the cougar would be brazen enough to stalk around the house. This animal has to go!

Hubby is gone for the week, antelope hunting with friends. I keep a handgun on my bedside table, and totally forgot it.  I could have at least fired a shot into the ground and frightened the cougar. Now, I am asking the neighbors for permission to access their land, so the government trapper can take care of the beast.

This cougar has killed nearly all of the neighbors' poultry in the last week, jumping very high fencing. Many people in this local rural area do not have chickens because the predators are a problem.  Most neighbors have lost their barn cats that are left outdoors. Our cattle are acting strangely, staying close to the house and barn, and keeping watch for the cougar. They have probably been stalked and are watchful for danger.

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