Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Vintage Trailer with a Quote

This is found on the side of a girlfriends 10' Compact 1962 Aloha Trailer.
I didn't know the Aloha made a trailer smaller than my 13' trailer. She and her hubby restore 2 or 3 vintage trailers each year. They do a great job.

Here is the door side of her trailer, it has a tiny kitchen in the front, a couple of small cabinets on each side, and the table/bed across the back. After dark, she has a large light-up crown to put on top of her trailer. The crown came from Lowe's, they sell them online for about $50.

This an Aloha Compact is the original condition, after being stored in a barn for 40-50 years. This gal was so lucky, this trailer was given to her...just because the man wanted to have it off his place. How about that? I know another gal who got a trailer in a similar deal, her trailer cost a case of beer.

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