Monday, October 20, 2014

The Kids Travel to Hong Kong

My daughter and her hubby made a trip to Hong Kong a month ago for a vacation. They shared these photos with me and I think that my followers may enjoy them. This is a gondola that they took up into the mountains. It had a clear floor so that a person could see the forest underneath.

This is a beautiful outdoor photo,  of Sun Pat city. The contrast of the modern high rise buildings, and a old boat is interesting. The vibrant colors are amazing.

This is a huge Buddha on Lantau Island. They saw this from the gondola. The Buddha is very old, and notice the lush tropical forest. The trees small size in contrast the the statue shows the enormous size. It was hot and humid the entire time they visited.

They flew home on 9/11....I was very happy to get the call that they were in San Francisco, USA. Happy!

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