Thursday, November 20, 2014

DIY Painting an old Brass Chandelier

via Pinterest

I have seen these old light fixtures repainted and made to look very good at some antique stores recently. I looked through Pinterest and found some good ideas and links to find out how this is done. It is pretty simple...Find a used light in great shape, get it for less than $10....use good quality spray paint....add chandelier crystals....voila! Something wonderful has happened!

OK, this light is going to be used in my small studio, and needs to be a smaller size that hangs above my head...hitting it with my head is not a good idea. I have been watching for a good one at the thrift stores lately, and finally found one for $3.50...with all the parts included. Yes, I can play around with this! Mine is going to be white/cream sort of color, with some vintage chandelier crystals hanging from it. I can't wait to get started...however the weather is too cold for painting right now.

I will have a post about this project sometime when I can get it done.

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