Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy Socks

I accidentally became aware of Happy Socks, a company in Sweden, that creates these unisex socks, that are sold in 72 countries. I have to thank the shoe store DSW for this serendipitous meeting. I have a customer account with DSW when I purchased some shoes. The great thing is that DSW continues to send me postcards for $5 and $10 off any purchase....and that is a good thing. I definitely go to the local store when the postcards come in the mail. I have recently purchased 6 pair of Happy Socks that were on clearance, with the postcards.....yes, for about a total of $2.50 for all the socks. Yes, the colors are extreme, happy and out of the ordinary for most Americans. I wear boots all winter and these are great for me. I am no longer wearing plain old black socks all the time! These make me smile every time I put them on my feet.

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