Monday, January 5, 2015

Do More of What Makes You Happy

Brave Girl
Give yourself some credit today, beloved soul. You did an amazing job.....even if no one saw it. Even if your bravest moments were spent alone....give yourself some credit. You made it through another year. You are a phenomenal woman.

Be good to you as we begin this year. Be merciful, kind and appreciative to yourself. You have been through so much. You are a warrior for all things good. You are worthy. You are so very brave.

Everything is going to work out.
You are so very loved.

from Brave Girls Club

I, myself, have adopted my personal guiding principle for my life. To be Kind, Gentle, and Loving to myself. I created this small phrase for myself, and have lived it for the past few years, and have found that it is a guiding light for me. When my life has gone awry and I am feeling badly....I remember my personal oath, Kind, Gentle and Loving. I also leave home for a few days retreat if possible. I treat myself very well, and I choose to care for myself.

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