Saturday, January 10, 2015

Vintage Tablecloth Love

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I have this serious problem with vintage fabric, and tablecloths is the worst one of all. Seriously girlfriends, I am totally in love with great mid-century screen printed, and made in the USA tablecloths. This week I found several at the local thrift store. I stopped by on Thursday, early afternoon, just as they were putting out the new stuff. The hunt is on...and checking out the carts and racks before the stuff is put out is where the great stuff is...before anyone else has had a chance!  So, OK, there is this cart with fabric wrapped around 2 long cardboard rolls, hum, what is this? I pick one up and unroll it a little.........hum, looks like vintage fabric, it is hemmed, strange enough...I completely removed it..........and...........a vintage tablecloth, and there is another cardboard roll. The same thing..............only there are several tablecloths on the roll.  I think that I have found several tablecloths, still new on the roll. Of course, with my addiction, I have to purchase them.  When I get outside to my car, I take a minute to fully look at them. There are 4 total. All were unique, and each mainly floral. Not new, as the tags were tattered. The fabric was in great shape, good color, no holes, rips, and a few spots.  I have chanced upon another woman's collection, lovingly cared for by putting them on the cardboard rolls. This method keeps the fabric from having fold lines, were deterioration occurs. I put them on display with others, in the kitchen area, to enjoy for a while.

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  1. I love the vintage tablecloths, and I do use every one - camping, picnics, road trips, island trips, family events, and just every day table covers. They do get stained, but I love use them.


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