Saturday, March 7, 2015

Pretty Glamping Stove

This stove is so pretty, what a great color. My friend has a 1960's Aladdin trailer that is in very poor condition, she is converting the trailer into a food vendor/trailer. The original stove is still inside, and is this pretty color. I assisted in checking the stove for working condition. The top 3 burners worked, but the oven would not light. I told her that I was only interested in the stove if everything worked. The stove has many small spots of rust, and other condition issues too. I checked out the running lights on the trailer, and there is one working tail light. Well, at least the electrical wire works to the back of the trailer.  She called yesterday and said that I could just have the stove. I said that I would take it home and tinker with it, to see if I could get the oven working. I have found these vintage trailer stoves for sale online, but almost always they are not tested for working condition. Why would a person buy something that probably does not work, and there is no source of parts...not me. Oh, and another thing, these vintage stoves have a mercury switch in them, and that is not allowed in stoves any longer. Therefore, any RV or Trailer parts store cannot legally repair and resell these. There are new replacement stoves for about $650, and they are made in this style.

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