Wednesday, April 29, 2015

It is Time to Come Out and Play

The Aloha Trailer on the left is mine! The Terry on the right is the big one Hubby and I use together. The sizes are very different 13 feet compared to 27 feet. The big Terry is a cabin on wheels.

Today, I hooked up my 1963 Aloha (Prairie Flower) and took her out of the shop for the first time this year.  I needed to go inside and take care of a few things. I stored my camping gear inside her during the off some things are not needed for the weekend and came out for right now. I still need to check the tires for proper inflation. I used to stop by the local tire center and the young men there would do this....but no more, the place is shuttered...closed. I do not have water tanks, so no checking water lines or un-winterizing them. 

I cleaned and made up the bed with fresh linens last fall. I washed all the dishes, etc. and stored them inside plastic totes last fall. I put all the food in a plastic tote inside the house. 

I had two incidents with one mouse, each time, last summer...and there is no sign of any rodents now.  This is good, because I spent time last summer to close up any tiny place where there might be entry. I am hopeful that it is a success. It is a big deal, to trap them and then cleanup the whole trailer and get under the trailer to find any spot that might be an entry place. I know that both times the mouse got inside while parked in the shop.

Well, I hope that I got it done....but, I still have two mouse traps stored under the sink, in case. The Girl Scout Motto, Be Prepared.  I didn't have any traps with me at the time...and none of my Camptown Girls had any with them. It was a bummer! I had to travel to the nearest town to get some. I did not care to hear one mouse running around when I was trying to sleep. To tell you the truth the first night I heard something, but wasn't sure. The second night the noise was more and I knew. I trapped it on the third night. I really don't want that experience again................ugh. When I removed all the copper pipes, there were holes between cabinets and that was a perfect spot for the mouse to move thru, these are now all covered with metal screwed into place. I also found three holes to the exterior that went through the floor. These are currently covered with metal and screws holding them in place, inside and outside.....I am not taking any chances. (You know what....I did not have this happen during the summer 2013. This is why I was shocked last summer.)

Summer 2014

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