Friday, July 31, 2015

2015 Wildfires - Stout Fire, Oregon

This is an aerial photo of the Stout Fire, near the town of Canyonville, and the hamlet of Milo, Oregon. This fire is about 75 air miles from my home. The startling fact is that it grew to about 10,000 acres in 24 hours. During my career in the US Forest Service I have never seen this happen in a forested happens in sage brush, grass, tundra, but not in thick forests.This photo is when the fire was much smaller...maybe 500 acres. That is very scary...I can now see the smoke column from here! I hope that the smoke does not come here... The heat has been oppressive hot, 100+ for the past several days. The normal temperature is about 85 this time of year.

My concern is that Lightening is forecast for here, and there will probably be fires nearby. Hubby is far from here on an Antelope hunt. I sure hope that nothing happens close-by.

I have stayed indoors most of the time. I have trouble with this heat, it makes me feel terrible and I have headaches.

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