Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wonderful Glamping at East Lake.

I had a shoreline campsite at East Lake in the background of this photo I took from Paulina Peak at 7894 feet elevation. From This viewpoint, it is possible to see both Washington state, and California....spectacular!!

I parked my 1963 Aloha travel trailer, Prairie Flower, my Glamping Trailer,  so that each morning when I opened my eyes I saw the lake shore. I perfect view just over my feet, a lovely lake and beach. Serenity...Peaceful...Beautiful. Sometimes there were people on the lake in fly fishing floatation gear...and watching the magic of the fly fishing is beauty to behold. There might be early morning kayak's out for a pre-breakfast paddle. The Osprey and Bald Eagles were fishing above the water.

There were four ladies together, each of us had our own trailer, and our own campsite. It is lovely to be with friends who are independent, and self-reliant. Together at potluck dinners, and campfires. During the daytime, we each do our own activities. Things at we do, sleep in hammocks, read in solitude, play ukulele, hike, swim, kayak, pick berries, play cards, and sketch, or color in the new adult coloring books. We go to bed early...and get up early. My body went to the natural day and night cycle. Simply wonderful!

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