Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cute Little Trailer

I was driving thru a small town, Brownsville, Oregon...down Main St...and look what caught my eye. I have no idea what brand of trailer this is. I would guess it is 1960's era. I wish that the owner had not parked right beside a speed sign.

This paint is very cute. It is nicely done...with the fun shapes in green. I am inspired to paint my trailer myself. Note that each side of the front window there is a plate sized metal ornament attached with sheet metal screws. Over the back window there is a name Wabai Sabai.

I think that this trailer is 6 ft wide and about 9 ft long. Small and light...and it can be towed by a jeep. The back window had the curtains open...I do that when towing so I can see right thru my trailer. I peeked in the window, and there is a tiny kitchen across the front, and bed/table combination across the back. It is very small....and very cute. I wish the owner would have been around so that I could have talked with her/him.

I stopped at the building supply store, got some custom tinted paint made to match Prairie Flower. I am going to touch up some spots...someday I will do the entire trailer.

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  1. Super cute little light too. Thanks for sharing, good luck with your painting.


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