Saturday, August 8, 2015

1960's Therm a Chest Cooler

A perfect find, a 1960's era metal cooler. I found it a a thrift store. It is in good condition considering that it is 55 yrs old. There is a small bit of rust, that is something to be this wet climate...and people store them in damp garages.

The size is about 18" long, by 10" wide, by about 15" tall. It is all metal and made in the USA. The red drain plug is really cute, and I am happy that it is still in good condition.

It is mouse proof, and I am currently putting non-perishable food inside it.

There is some type of foam insulation around the upper lid. It is crumbling, and I removed it. I will be able to find an alternative at the building supply store...some kind of home weatherization product will work.

No more plastic tubs for mouse proof storage...that I keep inside the SUV when camping. This is a classic, era appropriate container.

I think that if I had a summer party....this would be fun with crushed ice and cold drinks!!

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