Friday, August 14, 2015

The Skunk and Me

This post is about my close encounter with a Striped Skunk a few days ago. My Internet has been out for the last 12 I am a bit behind in blog posts. 

Now...back to my story. I let the dogs outside for a pre-bedtime pee. The three cats were outside at the time. I opened the front door for this normal activity, and all is well until I see the skunk fleeing the dogs....and it is running straight for me and the open front door. I start shrieking and in a panic state I run into the house and slam the front door behind me. I had so much momentum that I fall backwards across the foyer...and landed on my rear end...feet in the air.

OK, OMG! The skunk sprayed as it was running. Opening the door, the cats and dogs came inside. They are given the smell test, OK they are not smelling. I however, am slightly stinky. My shoes went into the garbage can, as well as all the outdoor decorations and door mat.

My clothes washed well and the smell gone. I am left with a bruise on my backside, and a GOOD STORY!

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  1. At least it didn't get in your house and you did not get seriously injured! My Aunt had a bear get in her kitchen once!


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