Friday, October 16, 2015


from Pinterest

from Pinterest

I have seen Great Horned Owls on the last 2 camping trips. Last night, one flew to a 20 ft tree right beside my campfire. He or She watched me for a few minutes and then flew off along the shoreline of Paulina Lake in search of some food. The sunset was beautiful orange over the lake, with a sliver of a crescent moon reflecting on the water. Then I had a visit by the owl. I tried hooting at it to see if it would respond....but, nothing. This morning at 830 am the coyotes were howling and barking along the shoreline. Interesting!

I am back home, and my trailer, Prairie Flower, is backed into the shop building for the winter. I am going to wash the bedding and make her ready for next spring, or for a cozy little spot to catch a nap. It is kind of sad to know that rainy season will soon be here.

Paulina Lake is in the Newberry Caldera National Monument, on the Deschutes National Forest. The elevation is 6300, there are natural hot springs that feed 2 lakes, and closes early in the fall. It is a caldera similar to Crater Lake National Park, only 70 miles away in the Central Oregon Cascades, close to La Pine, OR.

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  1. I have two or three Great Horned owls in my yard...the bugger is that they are going after my chickens!


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