Monday, February 29, 2016

Bluebird and Swallow Nest Boxes



There was a beautiful day this week, 65 F, and very sunny. A wonderful early spring day. The honey bees were out of the hives, and some flowers have started blooming here. The Bluebirds are singing and looking for nesting boxes. There are a few Swallows here...and it is a few weeks early. The birds certainly got my attention. I needed to clean out all the old nests from the bird houses....soon!  I had a good day and about 3 hours to clean out the 25+ birdhouses on the farm. I carried a ladder, and tools by hand. I am happy that the job is done for the year. However, the top of my left shoulder has a bruise on it, from carrying the ladder.

You may be interested in the reason for so many birdhouses. The whole idea started as a natural way to control flies, mosquoitos, and other bugs. The project works very well. The only problem is that the birds migration south is about September 7th. There are plenty of offending bugs that are here until the hard frosts kill them. 

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