Friday, March 4, 2016

Vintage West Bend Ovenette..and where to get a manual

I have been looking at oven options for my trailer. The oven in the original stove does not work. I have considered many things to try. I could always bring along one of my camping dutch ovens....but that means, a whole bunch of stuff  A big bunch of stuff...and charcoal. All that stuff equals too much extra weight and fuss.

This is a West Bend Ovenette, a stove top model, from the 1950's. The vintage trailer community talks about using these. The National Serro Scotty Organization has information on their website. Heck....they even have cooking competitions using them. This link is to their website, and directly to the Ovenette information.

I purchased one from an Ebay seller. Now I am committed to use it.

Ovenette Manual

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