Saturday, March 5, 2016

"Clan Isn't Always What You're Born Into"

Today I want to quote an up and coming young woman writer, Jenna Woginrich. She is 30 and has embarked upon her life journey in a unique way. A path not seen by many in her age group. I have been following her blog Cold Antler Farm, for about 6 years. I find that her life is an intriguing story...and I "get" her. She is young to have found her path...and is following her dreams. Of course, sometimes she has many problems and needs a clan of people to give support to her. This quote is from her book One Woman Farm.

"Your clan isn't necessarily your current friends, family, and acquaintance's. You may have to seek outside your comfort zone for people who want to share the firelight with you. A tribe that supports and respects your dreams is a rarity -- but if you can kindle it, you are rich.

Sometimes we get lucky and it is our own siblings, parents, childhood friends, and cousins around those bonfires. Sometimes it isn't. A clan isn't necessarily what you're born into or marry. A clan is people who wrap you in the support and concern--people you can call at 1am and they will come running with shovels. When you find them, you find home. They are out there, waiting.

Trick is you must look. You don't have to be religious to let the Tein'-eigin burn in your heart. You do need to accept that a better life is something worth believing in.

May your clan light the way."

I had to find out the meaning of Tein'-eigin. It is a Scottish tradition that refers to an ancient ritual that is started after a clan has gone through a particularly bad time. They all extinguish the fires in their hearths, and then start a huge bonfire, from which the new coals are taken to restart hearth fires. There is a tradition of prayer for better times. I just touched lightly on this subject, there is much more to learn if your are interested.

Finding your tribe or clan is a concept that we all understand. Sometimes we just easily find it...and other times there is a searching involved. A person can have very dear friends, and relations, who don't "get" you. is hard to say this... but I believe that a person can outgrow these connections. We all change throughout our lives...after experiences and wisdom are happening all the time. Trying to bring dear people along with you isn't working very well for me...sometimes they are stuck in the past and what worked for them 15-25 years ago. I can hope that they decide to come is going to be fun....

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