Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Craft Studio Remake

I decided a few months ago that my craft studio needed a remake. The twin bed in my studio took up too much of the floor space. The room is a bedroom and is about 120 sq ft. It is not nearly as large as these inspiration photos. I decided to go with a pale color, it will seem larger.

I have purchased 3 bookshelves that are identical, and they will be along one wall for a uniform storage system. I also purchased an old kitchen hutch to use for more storage. I am painting it linen white with Rustoleum Chalk Paint. The color was a bright blue...and it is taking several coats.

I have planned for this project to be completed by May 1, 2016. I am down to the last few days.....what to do? Well, I decided to make a huge mess... I will have to deal with it. All the extra stuff was moved into the guest room. The bed came out next.

I have put the 3 bookshelves in place, and loaded them with my stuff. It is amazing what I found in this process....a pair of reading glasses for instance.

I noticed that there is a space under the bookshelves that I should put to use. I think that 3 old dresser drawers, fitted underneath would work...or some of those cardboard storage boxes...maybe. I need to use all available space!!

It is still a disaster zone....I think that I will finish the room in the next week! After that, the first vintage camper gathering of ladies this year!!! I can't wait!

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