Saturday, April 23, 2016

You can feel Peace

Today I bring you more wisdom from the The Brave Girls Club. This quote is amazing in offering you to think and consider your life.

"It is truly amazing how each brave new decision we make in our lives brings us to a more peaceful place on a soul deep level.

As you grow and change and learn, you will become more peaceful inside. As you discover what is true and right for yourself, you align your life to live around that truth....and when what you believe, aligns with what you do, you feel peaceful.

Live by your own truth, sweet girl, and you will no longer worry about what others around you are thinking or doing. This is the way to freedom and peace, and you are getting closer every day."

I have been personally working toward this truth and peace for a while now....and I feel so much better for it. My life has changed with wisdom from my brave decisions and following my truth. Of course, there are times and situations that I find very challenging and difficult. A few weeks ago I had stomach pains and thought that I was getting an ulcer. I no longer have the pains....good.

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