Friday, May 27, 2016

Oh My, 3rd Bee Swarm This Year

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Well my friends...the honeybees decided to swarm again...yesterday. This action shows the good vitality of the hives. There are good healthy queens, plenty of food, and are super productive. When everything is right, they keeps the species growing.

We have been at home, and located the swarms each time. The bees will usually only go 10' to 20' from the hive to one of our dwarf apple trees. The bee yard or apiary (the fancy name) has 5 hives in it. There is no room to squeeze any more into it. I hope that the bees are done dividing, a new set-up costs about $200, and expanding the bee yard is unwanted by us. We have spent about $500 this spring to house the new hives...If there is another swarm...maybe someone we know will want it...or consider letting us keep it at their property. I wonder if the area around our farm is able to feed all these hives, maybe the flower, nectar, and pollen availability is not abundant enough.

One good thing is that our bees are pretty happy and pleasant to work with and have around the farm. :)

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  1. If only we lived closer to each other. My friend and her husband keep bees and would keep them at their property. Also, I think you can call your local Department of Agriculture and they will come and relocate them for you. Hope you are doing well? I really enjoyed your post about the roller skating case.


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