Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fiesta Butter Dishes

I decided to get new dishes last fall. I have wanted Fiesta for a long time, and have a small collection of vintage Fiesta. I found a great sale after Thanksgiving last fall, and purchased a selection of dishes in several colors. Hubby saw the large butter dish (the current style) and I said for him to select his favorite. He selected a very dark blue. 

I found the smaller size in Scarlet Red at a thrift store recently, this is a discontinued style, sometime after 2004. The Scarlet Red color was introduced in 2004, the first bright red ever made. This is all the information that I have found from research. 

The Red one will have a place of honor on the counter next to a Turquoise canister with coffee in it. This happy purchase was only $3.59. I just love it when I find great stuff.

BTW, I have found some other Fiesta items in the past year at thrift stores....but only bring home my colors.

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