Monday, August 8, 2016

Vintage Wood Ironing Board

My story today is about the old wood ironing boards, the hard working women's torture. At least it is to me, envision a childhood spent ironing all the family clothes! I finally decided that I was done with that chore. The next 2 times I had to done the ironing...I ironed in so many wrinkles on purpose...well, I never had to iron the clothes again. I was smart. (Mother never knew. She though I was messy! My Dad probably complained...but I hated ironing those wrinkle prone cotton shirts weekly...and everything else.) I hate ironing, but do need to press sewing projects from time to time. My old metal one broke and the iron was a horrible mess....I took them to the dump one day...the end.  What joy that simple act gave me. I learned that there are ways to hang dry my things. I didn't have any way to press for a few years.

I came across a vintage wood one at the local antique store one day, it was nice and sturdy, and the price was cheap. I have been using it about 10 years now. 

Today, I stopped by the thrift store, looking for embroidery thread for a project...I saw 5 vintage wood ironing boards on top of the dumpster. I asked inside the store if I could take a look to see if there was a good one. There were several styles and sizes. One had very pretty original green legs, but there was a small broken brace....nope. There were 2 good ironing boards in the group. I selected a smallish one, that will be handy for crafting. The size is 4' long by 1' wide, and is stamped on the back 1940. Yes, I did "dumpster dive" for an ironing or what? The price 99 cents! 

The photos above are from Pinterest, and see there are other uses for the things. I could just put a pretty little vintage tablecloth on it for a dessert buffet.

So, if you are looking for one of these....just ask them to save a good one for you. Otherwise, you will not get one, because they toss them. Now I need to oil the rusty metal, clean it up, paint the legs a pretty color, and make a pretty cover. I really don't need any more projects.............craZY!

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