Monday, August 29, 2016

Minnehaha Vintage Print by F R Harper

I did a little junkquing on Saturday after a wonderful vintage faire/flea market in Cottage Grove, OR. I found this pretty print in the original frame with the mounting. It is 7" x 6". I got it cheap and then researched the print. It is a work of F R Harper, done about 1920, named Minnehaha. The one I have is cropped a bit on top and bottom, the sun and most of the rock are removed. This kind of thing is typical of the era. This was art for the masses, kind of like posters today. Many prints were included in calendar art.

I learned much of this information from my sister, she has been collecting this art for about 20 years. We used to look at many prints at antique stores, and I learned so much. The vintage frame is pretty collectible, so for her that is very important. This small print is made to be viewed up close, and probably within a collection of similar art. A mini art gallery, if you will. Affordable and fun!

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