Sunday, August 14, 2016

Ukulele Song Lyrics

I am playing around this Song lyrics to Queen of the Road, from the King of the Road song, using my Ukulele. I included the ukulele chords for your use. I am have trouble with one verse...maybe you can help. I have only included two verses, in all I have written 11.

(C)Two hours of (F)driving slow,
and I'm (G7)sightseeing as I go,
no men, no (F) kids, no pets,
(G7)I ain't got no cute prom dress.

Old Trailer for Glamping in,
I ain't got no plans today.

Third campsite, Midnight Lake,
My cabin at the lake,
Is an old trailer, all fixed up
I don't wear no high heel shoes.

Please comment with any ideas that come to you.....

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