Wednesday, August 17, 2016

We're Hav'in a Heat Wave!

Oh Boy, The weather forecast is setting us up for a doozy....104 on Friday!
I have been wanting to take my trailer out for a few days...but not in this....Ugh!

OK, and the good/bad news is this. Yesterday we ran out of water here on the farm, no water! Dry! What the ---? We just had the well worked over in July...oh my. This is a farmers nightmare, no water, heat wave, high fire danger, plants about to die. I took buckets of water out of the swimming pool to water plants this morning, and to flush toilets. I was planning to set up a sump pump and attempt to pump pool water to the garden. 

Then the well/pump company called and said they would arrive in 2 hours! Yes, and I am so......grateful.........and happy. I envisioned a terrible situation.

The problem was an electrical switch that failed, it's job made the well pump water to the 1500 gallon water tank and house. Small fix, without a large bill...a good thing. It took about 3 hours for the 1500 gallon water tank to fill with fresh water. 

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