Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Still Canning Pears....

I wrote a blog post when I had picked the pear tree...at least 100 lbs of pears!
I have been home canning the pears as they ripen. I did not have any trouble keeping up with the ripe ones. Then...the rest of the pears all ripened at once. I have been canning 2 and 3 canner loads every day to meet my goal of 50 pint jars. The goal is at last in sight. I have only 5 empty pint jars left....and when those are filled...my goal is reached! Yesterday, I filled two boxes with really nice, ripe pears and gave them to friends to can. I am happy they went to good homes....ha,ha,ha.  But...there is more canning to do.....

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