Saturday, September 24, 2016

Junking...Finding a True Treasure.....

Hi Girlfriends, I stopped at a Garage Sale today...just being kinda nosy, this home just sold for $650,000. These people might have some good junk. Maybe, something might catch my eye.  There was not much there, because today was the last day. The people had some vintage silver plate for sale...this little creamer deserved a good look. Well, it was marked sterling silver and looked to be high quality...for $5. Yes, 5 Dollars....I thought the price was extremely low and purchased it. I thought that I might put pens in it...or something.

I took a good look at it later, and used my jewelers loop. I was very surprised! This item is a Tiffany and Co, 1938, Hamilton, sterling silver creamer. Wow! When I had a chance I looked online at for information. There currently two of these for sale on their website for between $370 - $499. Wow! This is great! I am going to see about selling it to them. You never know what you might come across at a garage sale....and I didn't play the lottery. LOL!

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