Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Good Friend is Hitting the Road Fulltime

I have a good friend who is moving away, and beginning a new life on the road. Everything is happening very fast. She found out that her rental home was being sold just last September. She thought that it would take a year to sell took 2 weeks. She has to be out of the house by Dec 15th. She has had a hard time deciding her future...she is young enough that she should be in the workforce...and she has spent her life savings. That is a challenge! She must find some paying work....that is not going to happen here. Remember I wrote about a problem with no economy, and no work here.

She found a used trailer that she purchased...but it is Houston Texas. What? I said? Do you know how far that is? She does and has her plans made. She will start her new life by storing most of her belongings. Going to Texas to get her trailer, and spend the next year or more traveling and visiting friends around the southern USA. Brave? Yes. Risky? Yes. I wish her well, and that her decision is going to work out for her. Will I miss her? Yes, very much.

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