Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Vintage Turkey Platters

This Vintage Turkey Platter was made in the USA, about 1950.

This Vintage Turkey Platter was made in Japan, about 1960.

I found these 2 platters the last 2 years. They came from thrift stores, found at different places and different times. The prices were very affordable. I think that it is great to use these. My tip to find these, go to the stores when they first put out the holiday stuff. I just stalk the stores to get the good stuff. You never know what you may come across.

At the present time I am stalking the stores for vintage Christmas, especially for the "right" vintage things. I am being very focused on unique, special things. Things that can be used all year around are a vintage hanging crystals, stars, birds, pearls, and hearts.

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  1. One of our resale stores puts items on sale after christmas! I need to visit it. Love the platters.


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