Saturday, November 12, 2016

Stay Strong Dear Ones

I live in the state of Oregon. The violent riots that have happened in Portland are a disgrace to our state. There are professional anarchists that thrive in Portland Oregon. The Oregon vote was slightly higher for Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump...all our electoral votes go the Clinton. 

There are many people here in rural Oregon, who live a miserable life, a life of poverty, with poor education, and no chance for a decent job or life. We are also the middle class who is paying taxes. Do you know that 130 million people in the USA pay federal taxes...and 114 million people in the USA do not pay tax and receive free dole from the government. 

I live in a miserable rural small town, Oakridge, I see the able bodied 20 yr old's idle, with no jobs and no future. I see the old people in stark poverty, the children who wear rags and only have good food at school. We need a better economy, and good jobs. Living a life of poverty is a terrible thing. 

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  1. whoa... that quote is right on!!!!!
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