Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Getting Older and Wiser

"Beautiful friend. Try not to wish your years away, wishing you were younger, wishing the signs of aging away.

The world needs more women who embrace their wrinkles and who know the power of wisdom gained from many years of being alive, and who are absolutely comfortable in their skin. The world needs more women who sing through life's winters, who dance even though their bodies jiggle, who count the laugh lines as decades of wonderful memories.

We are women. We are brave. We are beautiful and real.

Let's be happy exactly where we are.

When we can adore every phase of our own life, we give each other encouragement to do the same."

Brave Girls Club Message

I like this quote, it is personal to me. I am an optimist, I love what I am doing. Yes, some days are harder than others...I keeping doing what I love...and preserve. My years as a wise woman are good. I hope to have many more years to come.

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