Saturday, November 26, 2016

Unleash Your Joy

Kelly Rae Roberts Artwork
I love the art of Kelly Rae Roberts, she is an Oregon artist. I met her at the Brave Girls Symposium last July. She is a really fun and inventive artist.

I was very surprised and happy today when I found this 8" x 12" art print. I put it right beside the small television in my studio. This makes 3 of her prints in my collection...all found at thrift stores. I sometimes put my own additions on the prints, a glittery stone, a bit of old broken jewelry...something special to me. I think that I might add some kind of addition to the angel wings, on this print.

I am very grateful for my daughter and her hubby coming for the holiday weekend. They are important to me, and I love to have them stay with us.

I have been feeling very good since I stopped taking Lisinopril. I will see my Dr on Monday, to talk about the medicine.

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