Friday, January 20, 2017

Sisters on the Fly

Eugene, Oregon's... Good Earth Home and Garden show starts today, and some of my friend's are putting their trailers on display. They are representing Sisters on the Fly, to provide inspiration for women to join.

This is Anne's 1969 Aloha. She is from the Portland area. This trailer is currently on the front cover, and featured in Vintage Trailer magazine.  

This is Marie's 1960's Oasis trailer. She is from Salem Oregon. Marie took this trailer on Route 66 for a month last spring. The turquoise color is great, she told me that it is a wrap...not paint. I see that she has changed the bike rack, I am going the see what she did. I want a bike rack on my trailer, Prairie Flower.

I love the large front window on her trailer. It allows a nice bright light inside.

This 1950's trailer is very tiny, but oh so cute. The step is a good idea, I like the handle on it, makes it easy to carry. The windows are much smaller, and sometimes dark inside...but that is made better with the lovely original birch interior. I like the interior wood...I don't like the painted over birch.


  1. HPF,,, thanx for posting these photos...
    Where was the show? in Oregon?
    I miss hanging with my 'sisters' from SOTF,,, but when I get back to Spokane, WA.. I will be Glamping with them a lot more...
    In the mean time,,, Happy Trails...

  2. oh Duh,,, I just re-read,,, the show is/was in Eugene, OR...
    sister 472


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