Saturday, January 14, 2017

A Surprise Quilt Project

A Surprise Quilt Project? How does that happen? I was shopping/trolling in the Goodwill store one day, and passed by the bedding area. What did I spy....this quilt. I gave it a close look and noted that this is an item that someone had made, and probably given as a gift. The hand finishing of the binding had come apart. The rest of the quilt was in like new condition. I know that making this quilt had cost much $$. The fabrics that were used are colorful and I like it very much. The twin size is good for using in my vintage trailer, Prairie Flower. Oh yeah, of course I didn't leave it at the store. Am I crazy? Maybe. I purchased it for a few dollars, and refinished the binding. This farmgirl spent several hours, and I really do love this quilt. This will become an heirloom...unless I give it as a gift....


  1. The quilt is an awesome find,,, and yes,,, vtg. trailers and old quilts go together like PB&J..
    Happy Trails...


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