Saturday, February 11, 2017

Newborn Dexter Calf

Yesterday, we had a surprise waiting for us. Sometime around 7am, our Dexter Cow, Daisy, had this little fellow. It was pretty cold outside, and he was very cold when hubby found him. He and I brought this calf into our home and warmed him up in the bathroom. We used heating pads, heaters, and towels to dry him. The little guy took about 4 to 5 hours to get warmed up using our method. I made up a pack of calf starter, and put it into a calf bottle...he took a little of it, proving to me that he still had a suckling response. What a small calf with the will to live! We took him back to his mama, and they are in a stall. Mama immediately took over, licking him and caring for him. She is very protective of her babies. He is doing good today, he has no fear of us....because we cared for him yesterday. I named him Snap. His mom is Daisy and Snap is short for another common flower.

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