Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Tribute

Normandy Graves

My grandfather's brother, Archie Hawley went fervently, naively, and bravely to fight in WWI. He was with some of the first troops in France.

I read the last letter his newly wedded wife wrote to him, but never sent. I had a great curiosity when reading the contents. They were planning the life that they were going to lead when he returned. I thought....why would he volunteer for serving in the war? Things were very different 100 years ago.

She received the notice that he was killed in action in France...a young man from the small farming town of Moscow, Idaho. Everything changed in an instant, the planned life was never to happen.

A first hand account from one of his fellow soldiers said that "one minute Archie was beside him, and in an instant, Archie was gone when the bomb went off".
He had a huge soldiers funeral...I saw photos of the funeral...he was the first hometown hero of WWI.

My own Dad was in the Air Force in WWII. He flew the very dangerous bombing missions over Europe. His silk scarf with the map of Europe is still is the family.

My family history in the USA goes back to the 1660's, and am certain that the men fought the Revolutionary War, and the Civil War,

This is just a few words of tribute to everyone who has served this country, and made and kept this wonderful county free.