Thursday, June 1, 2017

Stand Up Tall Girl

Dear Steadfast Girl,

One of the most powerful things we can do it is to stand in our very own skin and proclaim out loud what we will and will not allow...what we will and will not believe in...what we will and will not fight for, or fight about....what we will and will not accept as truth for our life or ourselves.

Sometimes we think things...but we never claim those things powerfully, or proclaim them. 

Sometimes we know something is not right...or we know something is very very right.....but we never stand in our own power and make it real.

Beautiful's something to try. Try to stand up tall....get your big beautiful soul into your own skin...and say some things out loud that you believe....that you may have been afraid to say out loud before. You will find that it will be incredibly amazing to hear your own beautiful self say things with such power and conviction...and you will find that your actions will follow your proclamations....come on, just try it.

You have the right, you have the even have the responsibility to live big in your own skin and to take charge of what you will and will not do..will and will not believe...will and will not allow.......Let yourself hear it from your own mouth.....miracles will happen.

Come brave.

You are so very very very loved.