Friday, June 2, 2017

My Search for a Tenor Ukulele

I started thinking about getting a larger Ukulele last fall. I do own a very nice Soprano Ukulele, that is wonderful, and sounds great. I have arthritis in some joints in my fingers, and I have trouble with the small size of a Soprano. 

I needed to find my perfect Tenor Ukulele, as opposed to the experts...

I started my adventure in testing Tenor Ukulele's in nearby Shops. I think that I tried at least 25 different ukulele's. I tried every one that was in stock. I tried them form $100 to $2400. Yes, the more expensive ones were best. But...are they worth the price? I met some knowledgeable people along the way. I found what I wanted but...Collings Ukulele stopped making theirs, and expanded their guitar line. It was a bummer. I could not get one. I put the idea on hold for several months, thinking that one might be found. No luck.

I visited the local shops recently... to see what they had. One still had a vintage Martin, priced at $ sounds really terrible when played. The Bulgarian import was much better...and $600. 2 tenor ukes, I was unimpressed.

I was thinking that maybe I should call pawn shops to see if there were any ukulele's that might interest me. 

I drove several blocks to another music store. Last fall they had many high end ukulele's there. They had a entire high-end collection on estate consignment, very expensive, hand-made instruments. I didn't want to spend $1500+ for my Tenor Ukulele.  I was surprised that all those consignment items were gone. There were many less instruments there. OK, I thought, I would try out all the Tenor's that they had in stock, about 15. There were all kinds. My idea was ...   1. Great Sound, 2. Play-ability and feel to me, 3. Pretty (why buy an ugly thing). A Tenor Ukulele must meet my desires and not be outrageously priced. I don't want to have one that is worry-some to take camping. Theft is a possible problem too.

To Be Continued...