Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sharon and Jane on the hunt for stuff.....Sisters Day

Sis and I got together today in Eugene. We had a nice lunch at Olive Garden, and then hit Glory Days and 3 thrift stores.  Glory Days had many wonderful displays, my favorite is Twig in the back of the shop.  Very creative ladies put Twig together and I appreciate their style.  Photos will be here on my next post.  Most of the vendors were having sales of their things.  My guess is that business is very slow.

Then onward to St Vinnies...we each found some great stuff. My big finds of the day were two large ceramic vases. Cream colored and large! My collection is growing....I think one is an old, 1930's, unmarked McCoy, and the other is a Heager.

I am looking for one or two 4 drawer dressers.  I want to refinish them, so perfect condition is not important.  They have imported furniture from the United Kingdom, old items, and most of it is great. The prices are good too, the hardware...drawer worth the price.  I tell you, hardware is spendy.  I hope to return tomorrow and get one.  I will use it in my studio/retreat room, replacing the old sewing machine cabinet.  A dresser will give me storage for fabrics and other craft stuff.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Promises and Dreams

Promises and Dreams.  Brave Girls work is ongoing.  I have been focusing on my choices.  I am making promises to myself, to remember where I am path.  I have found that I am acting in the ways that I have promised myself.  I am proud and congratulate myself.  A pat on the back will do too. Focusing and staying on track, determination is one of my strong points. Dreams are important for everyone. Dreams give me a goal, vision, and a direction. Be Brave, Dream, Believe in Yourself. Find your Happiness, Joy, and Talents.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Suze Orman - The Money Class

Last week I watched Suze on PBS television, she spoke about the principles of her newest book.  It is really a class inside the book.  The realities of today's economic time, and how to handle money is changing quickly.  The old ideas don't work now.  Hubby and I are retired, and there was been no cost of living increase for 2 years now.  Everyday costs for food, and gasoline are rising.  I need to learn from her class. After you purchase the book, go online and use the code, that is inside the book, to sign into the online class. My family needs information to use right now. I goal is to help share new knowledge for today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pioneer Woman Cooks

I just got this cookbook. I highly recommend it. Why?  I is filled with wonderful photos, and step by step photos of the recipes. It is really great for leading us through cooking,  you know how sometimes it is a challenge...not knowing if your doing it right. I am a self taught cook, and not very good. 

It is  full of photos, and I love that. Photos from Ree's life, and family. I feel like I know her.

I was just remembering back when I was working full-time, getting home after picking up dear daughter. Hubby was late..all the time. I had to just grit my teeth and put something good on the table.  Maybe that is why I just don't care to cook much anymore. Of course, mister picky, is another reason.
By golly, he kills these animals, and he is going to eat them.

This cookbook is fun, and I am really looking forward to making some of the food. The first one that I am making is Comfort Meatballs., we really liked these!

This book retails for $27.50, but I got it for under $20 at Walmart. I like that too....good price!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Some Thoughts about Living your Life

Start expanding your life to include some new interests and activities. Enjoy your life as much as you can. Stretch yourself to broaden your world. When you are enjoying yourself by participating in activities that interest you, you become more interesting to others.

Make a conscious choice to remain positive and to have the expectation that very good, joyful, and wonderful things will come out of following your heart, and finding your wings in the long run. Your expectation will affect what happens. There is always a creative solution. Trust in your ability to be creative, flexible, and resilient.

Be Brave, treat yourself well, be true to yourself, and follow your heart.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Glinda, the Good Witch of the South

Glinda,  the Good Witch of the South

I have been in contact with my Aunt Glenda in Moscow, Idaho lately.  She will turn 82 in May. She is named after Glinda in the picture. Sis and I are going to visit her upon her invitation in May.  We will drive to Idaho in the red audi tt convertible, and if the weather is fine...the top will be down!  Our cousin and his wife have two nice guest bedrooms, in their home, on the Hawley Farm, we hope to stay there and save the expense of lodging.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saint Patrick's Day

I have been away on a junking expedition with my Sister.  We spent the weekend together at her home. There were several special events by some dealers.  It varied from one dealer that cleared her living room, and made the area into a wonderland of special treasures and crafted items.  Another place was an old Grange Hall, that was transformed into the ultimate antique show, and great ideas abounded.  I am happy to have been inspired by the weekend. We finally landed at a Saint Vinnies for some great junking, getting items to transform into special items, or just to resale for reasonable prices.  

Sunday, March 6, 2011

She Art Girl

This is a nice canvas done by another student in the She Art Workshop.  I am behind and haven't started yet. I have been really busy with a volunteer activity, and now it is over and I will start making these.  I have trouble viewing the class videos, so I contacted my satellite Internet service. I speed of the videos is faster than the speed of the download, thus I cannot view them at home.  I have to take my laptop to the library to see the videos. The local library has very limited hours when it is open. Tomorrow, I will see the classes.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

She Art Workshop Class

I just finished the Brave Girl Class I was taking online.  I have now started the new class, She Art Workshop. This is a multi-media art class, online, that I can take 3 months to complete.  There are actually 3 different parts to the class.  I am just beginning to view the instruction videos for part 1, and my satellite internet connection is struggling to stream these. I have found that if I use the internet after 11 pm, it just does better. Therefore, you can guess...I am staying up late tonight. The picture is of another woman's finished part 1.  This is a new art style, and I am really excited.