Monday, September 30, 2013

September Glamping Retreat

I just returned home from a 5 day Glamping Retreat. I met up with some gals and we camped together, near Sisters Oregon. The area is beautiful, and there are many activities. It rained lightly over the weekend. Meanwhile on the home poured about 4 inches of rain. This is just a quick photo of my water heating pots or coffee pots. The travel mug is in the photo to give you an idea of the sizes. The tiny pot heats just enough water for the travel mug...and very quickly too. The large blue has been living with us for a long time now, and going on many trips. I just have to make certain that it is totally dry, or it will rust inside.  A junking and antique trip to nearby Redmond was really fun...and I time...........

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  1. I love primitive camping ~ does glamping mean you use an air mattress LOL


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